Metamask, ETH Outreach Artwork For The LeoFinance Community To Use In Onboarding Project

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This is a post in support of the LeoFinance outreach/onboarding project which is hosting a competition to bring Metamask users to LF. Khal has also done a video demonstration of how to enter and what to do as a new user. My support is given in the form of two outreach-themed images/posters being offered for participants to use if they wish.

image one: 2400x1600 px

Although I recently posted a generic outreach piece somewhat along the lines of what's being asked in this competition, I'm not going to be entering this particular time. Thing is I'm not active on other social media sites apart from a flutter of activity on Twitter every now and then and I'd have to force the issue somewhat in order to meet the entry criteria.

However, I enjoy creating artwork with a purpose that I can get behind. Therefore, I have created two inbound, magnetic 😁 'MM-LF-ETH' images which I'm offering to anyone who might wish to use them in their entries, or indeed for any purpose on their blog or elsewhere. Everyone is welcome to use them and I'd love some feedback on whether the community thinks this is useful (or not), as well as any suggestions they may have.

image two: 2400x1600 px

According to the competition announcement post, the weekly winner will be chosen based on these main factors:

  • Quality of the post entry (judged by @leofinance curators/growth team)
  • Traffic generated by your post/social links (tracked using LF's open analytics platform)

Obviously, the priority and intent of holding this competition is to reach out to folk in the Ethereum and Metamask space. I have, in my own way, integrated this intention into the images created for this purpose. I have been listening to 'Geometry' by Tripswitch and 'Red' by Solar Fields as I sit here composing the images for this post.

"This week's prompt is based around the idea that users can now sign up to using Metamask and earn ETH rewards by blogging/engaging with content." competition post

I hope you like them. Good luck to all!

Here is some more Leo-themed artwork I created, for folk to use if they wish:
A selection of 21 LeoFinance-themed page-dividers

Thanks for reading 🙏
Barge (@krunkypuram)

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