How long would we stay here?

15 days ago
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Looking at the trading curve for SPORTS token this afternoon, I see a great support for the token at the 0.0002 HIVE per SPORTS value. THough some users are dumping tokens at lower prices, soon, the buy orders get filled to the resistance spot. At this point, we see SPORTS valued at 4 times what it was a month ago. Some wish oit dips the more while some hopes to see a bull soon, but how long can we stay here?


As I write this post, some serious talks have ensued on the utilization and the future of SPORTS token within the @Sportstalksocial community and with private investors who seek to build their games and other utility tools to utilize SPORTS. I am certain that when these talks get through the developments ensue, the demand for SPORTS would begin and that would mean a healthy price for the token.

I am always so thrilled to be a part of the beginning of a project. Staying around here to see Hive birth and see the Hive tribes grow from the scratch to highs is a huge testimony for me. Looking back at how BTC started as a lone crypto and the growth in the crypto sphere, I have no doubts that these Hive tokens would grow to tangible values in the future. In fact, 5 to 15 years wouldn't be too long to wait.


Looking at the growth of the Sportstalksocial community in content and token value over the last 10 weeks is amazing. Much awesome to see the stakes of users grow. Presently, we have 11 individual users with SPORTS stakes over 25 million and with a cumulative value of over 300 million tokens is encouraging. At the moment, I hope that more users would grow to fill the gap, so we can have more middle-class stakeholders.


As I write this post, there are no sufficient quality #sportstalk posts to earn huge SPORTS upvotes. More users a re needed and those who would put forward original contents with over 500 words stand the chance of earning over 30k SPORTS in addition to some huge HIVE upvotes from @OCD, even as new users.

More engagement are needed. I, Cryptoandcoffee and Razack would be giving out some valueful comments upvotes to those who are engaging other users' posts. We see the growth in the LeoFinance community. It's something that can be coveted. It is time to build Hive through the communities.

Each tribe has a role to play to add value to the ecosystem. Thanks to the @Clicktrackprofit community that are inventing payment solutions to ease the integration of ecommerce entrepreneurs to engage the blockchain tokens. I'm hoping that soon, sports teams would adopt SPORTS as their fan token and other sports gears producers would be able to start trading their products with SPORTS.

SPORTS token is still a very virgin and fertile ground to invest just before the bull season hit the crypto space. How many SPORTS do you have in stake? The present low prices may not stay for long. Do something about it now!

You may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake. With the trail, your stake of SPORTS would yield profits without your active involvement.

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