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A content creator is any individual who generates material for informational or educational purposes. This is usually applied to the digital world since there is where most of the content now resides. The Internet is also where the money is.

Content can come in many forms. They can be:

The key is to provide information and experience related to the content. This is what users seek. Different digital platforms seek to tap into the network effect by having content creators fill their ecosystem with content consumers seek.

Content is obviously a major piece of the puzzle. Content creators also have to be mindful of the medium through which it is delivered. This can add to (or detract from) the user experience.

In the last few years, content creators had to concern themselves with account ownership. This is one of the promises of Web 3.0. We saw a number of instances where accounts were banned by certain platforms. The most famous example was President Donald Trump having his account closed by Twitter.

When this occurs, one's entire digital experience is instantly erased, at least from public view. It is also a detriment to the monetization of any said content.

For this reason, blockchain based applications promote the idea of immutability and censorship resistance.

Once such social media ecosystem that is expanding is Hive. It offers a place where content creators can post to a decentralized database where the nodes are outside the control of any individual or company. Accounts are accessed using a private key meaning it cannot be cancelled or eliminated.

As Web 2.0 is replaced, content creation will take on a radically different meaning. It is possible that we could see people micro-earning off those system that are able to offer micropayments. This will result in incremental amounts of money flowing into one's wallet, but happening quite often throughout the day.


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