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Help strengthen our networks by sharing 3 authors to follow.

Something a little different today but something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm issuing a simple challenge to anyone willing to accept. Share with me and the readers of this post 3 LeoFinance authors you think are worthy of a follow!



Please do this in the comments below, and don't worry about checking if I already follow them. I only follow 380 authors, many of which likely are not actually active here on LeoFinance. I'm looking grow my network!

Growing My Network

I try to make an effort to connect with and follow interesting authors I come across, and I certainly know a fair amount of them from HIVE but it's almost a daily occurrence where I come across a new author that is creating interesting content that I'm not currently following.

By coming together and collectively sharing 3 authors we can all have an opportunity to further expand our networks.

I don't think I need to remind you but your network is only as strong as the people in it!

I'm on a mission to learn as much as possible about the crypto and finance space and LeoFinance is one of my favourite tools that allows me to pursue this. There is wisdom in this crowd and this platform can be used to collectively harness this wisdom.

Build a Powerful Network

In my opinion it's important to create diversity within your network, just like you diversify a portfolio. It's true that I've been guilty in the past of pushing out people that think differently, or take on different opinions, or who have vastly different interests.

However I've come to learn that in order to be your best version of yourself and view your surrounding environment as objectively as possible it's important to have people around you that think differently and have different onions.

While it's easy to be frustrated by this, easy to fall into the traps, I think it's absolutely vital in building a well rounded perspective. This is the strength of diversity! I don't mean the colour of your skin, I think that's irrelevant in most cases but diversity in life experiences, in background, in education, in opinions. A key part of building a powerful network.

Improved Rewards Distribution

Another key benefit of a good network here on LeoFinance is improved rewards distribution.

It's important for the strength of the LEO token that it's distributed to as many people as possible. According to data shared by @abh12345 in his weekly LeoFinance Engagement posts, among the top 100 engagers on the platform the average number of unique authors voted per week is 46.

UV is one of my favourite stats, and obviously an important one. So much so that @onealfa.leo went out of his way to create a mini game were he ranks the top 10 by UV and gives out random rewards amongst that group. For a little bit of extra insight, the average UV among the top 10 on the platform is 144.

These accounts are voting on average 144 unique authors every week, that's outstanding and I think it speaks to the strength of their networks.

It's really healthy to see a wide spread for votes across different authors within the LeoFinance platform and this is definitely a strength of this platform that I wish to encourage and support! Part of this is making sure that I'm following a good variety of active content creators with their content populating my feed on a daily basis.

Please Share 3 Content Creators Below

No rules here, it can be any account that you want to share and I will have a look and likely follow assuming they're a relatively consistent content creator.

Ciao for now,


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