How To Use the MATIC Network With MetaMask

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This short how to guide covers adding the MATIC network to an existing MetaMask wallet.

The Polygon blockchain is an EVM compatible blockchain and is poised for potentially massive growth in the coming months and possibly years. Now's a great time to add this network to your MetaMask wallet!


Just like other EVM compatible blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, you can use your MetaMask wallet with the MATIC network to view the coins you hold on that network.

This short guide assumes you already have MetaMask installed. If not you can check out this guide here.

How To Add MATIC To Your MetaMask Wallet

Step 1 - To start login to your MetaMask wallet and click the colourful wheel in the top right corner, from the drop down menu select "Settings".


Step 2 - Scroll down and locate the Networks tab.

image 1.png

Scroll to the bottom and click on the blue "Add Network" button.

image 2.png

Step 3 - Fill in the following fields to add the MATIC network to your wallet:

image 3.png

Make sure you enter information for the MATIC Mainnet!

For the most up to date list of Mainnet RPC's visit Polygon here.

Network Name: MATIC Mainnet


ChainID: 137

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

Remember to click save after entering the new settings. If completed correctly once you go back you should see the following:


Video Guide Adding MATIC to MetaMask

Time to get some MATIC coins!

How do I send Matic tokens to Metamask?

Sending MATIC coins to your metamask is the same as sending ERC20 or BSC coin. To send coins to your MATIC wallet within metamask send the coins to your desired MetaMask address. This is how you add coins to MetaMask.

How do I transfer my Matic from Binance to Metamask?

Once you have setup an account in Metamask, you will see the address of your account. To send Matic tokens to Metamask, withdraw funds from your exchange account to the Metamask address. After some time, the funds will get reflected in the Metamask account. -

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