When and how will consuming Hive as a Web3 social media become a need?

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When and how will consuming Hive as a Web3 social media become a need?

No, I do not have the answers to that.

But I do want to share some thoughts about that important question of things becoming a need.

Becoming a need means that the collective human population on earth is spending money on it, which is going to be huge for those who have bought a great deal of the associated resources at the start at low prices.

Think land for dwelling. Think wheat for eating. Think water for drinking. Think fuel for powering things up.

These are necessary commodities. Granted, their prices depend on the scarcity factor. But at some level, we humans have a clear need for those. Those who invest real early at low prices are benefiting as these become widely consumed.

Then comes the services like YouTube, Amazon Prime, Google, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

On the surface, quite a substantial number of earth dwellers would say that they need these services almost on a daily basis.

But, do you need Hive on a daily basis? When will the world need Hive the way they need food, or even YouTube or Google?

I had been busy at work lately so I had to take a break from my Hive activity.

Not checking my account to see how things are going on in Hive feels fine.

Then I started to wonder when and how will consuming Web3 socials become a need. And then this post is born. :)

Here my need is for documenting my thoughts anonymously for posterity's sake and I am only slightly motivated to post for the upvotes and rewards (because I make way more money being serious at work!).

The vast majority of the Hive users, now and in the future could well be thinking like this.

Hive activity is not really a need. Not when one is not seeing at least double-digit earnings from every post as a small account.

Nevertheless, the possibility of posting anonymously, getting responses from the community, and making immutable posts are the most important value propositions for me as a Hive user.

This is the only opening for Hive to enter my life as a need, for now.

Then I think I need a reality check. When and how will consuming Hive as a web3 social media become a need for the vast majority?

I still have no answers. But if the value propositions for web3 social media are for posting anonymously, immutability, and social interactions, then the many other competitors sprouting out could serve that need easily, too.

Honest reflection, and reality check here: There is a need to separate using Hive as a Web3 social media and Hive as an investment tool. As a typical individual, there is perhaps no need to power up to an excessive level. Better to keep Hive liquid for trading, while watching Hive grow!

Happy to hear your thoughts!

P/S: This is not financial advice, and please do your own due diligence before investing.

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