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Hello Lions and Cubs

Here we are with another episode of THE LION'S RESIDENCE.
A light social read about our community members and our leadership.My previous guest was @Nealmcspadden and he recommended @scaredycatguide for this week interview
So lets meet him!


Today I am happy to interview @scaredycatguide
What do we know about this cat?
He is a curator in Leofinance one of our expert traders with a Lion status in Leo Discord (15000+LP)
He responded "Yeah, I'm game" in my invitation in a very short time from my message, showing again that the top Lions are friendly and willing to help and communicate!


Leo Status: Curator
Located: ???????
Leo: @scaredycatguide

Years in the Crypto world: 4
Post Mainly about: Crypto, Real Estate, Stocks
Field of expertise: Real Estate Investing (and crypto trading)
Prediction of LEO and CUB price in 6 months:
$5 and $20
Favorite Cryptos: LEO, RUNE, DOT, BTC
Favorite Quote: The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent
Favorite Super Power: Time Travel?

  • Name your favorite cryptos and why.

LEO, RUNE, DOT, BTC. The first three fall under one key initiative; interoperability. Bitcoin, well it is becoming digital gold.

  • Why someone should Join LEO?

Good leadership, good community, great eco-system being built

  • Any Advice to Leo Newcomers?:

Yeah, interact. Do an intro post and comment on other’s posts

  • Have you ever been Scammed (short story):

Uhm, I guess bitconnect was the closest thing, but I got out with a profit even with the rug pull, so not sure if that counts.

  • Three things about yourself?

Love playing basketball, love trading crypto, love reading informative books.

And for the important question

  • You order pizza and you are alone and ready to see your favorite series :

TV Series? Billions, without question my favorite show the past few years.


An expert trader in the high ranks of Leofinance showing why this community is going up.
I visited his website for real estate and cryptocurrency decisions coaching! Now I am thinking of taking some training because crypto trading is always on my bucket list.
The cat dodged getting scammed and predicts 5$ LEO and 20$ CUB for the next 6 months.
As for favorite series ... well Billions is also in my top 3!
Thank you for your time your cooperation and fast response :) and I wish you can teach a lot of lions how to trade and make more money!!

Who is Next

Now it is time to Vote for my next Guest!
Cat has the Lion's Vote and asked for @rollandthomas as my next guest!
Who is your pick?

Let me know what you think about the project in general.
Feel free to send me ideas for questions you would like me to ask in the next interviews.

Have a great weekend!

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