A little bit more than 2 weeks until HiveFest ! Will you be there?

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Hello HODLers,

HiveFest is coming and as last year, it will be in the Metaverse ! I do not think I will have my Occulus VR set by then but I will participate in 2D and will customize my avatar for sure.



If you have missed it, here is the latest update from @roelandp concerning Hive Fest on November 12th-13th
Three more weeks until Hivefest - NFTShowroom, Names & RSVP now!

You can see the first names announced; most of them are Steem/Hive OGs. I still did not see any LeoFinance OG in this list but I am sure we will get a great presentation from Khal or the team.

They are also calling for artists to be featured in the NFTShowroom. As this topic is hot, I would call ANY artist out there to check it out to showcase some of your digital art.

Let's be honest, I am beyond excited !

This HiveFest comes at a great time for the Hive Blockchain as we see more and more whales / VCs / BigTech looking to experiment to the metaverse / decentralized social medias.

This is a great opportunity to show what we have been developing and creating into this field for years now !


I got my confirmation e-mail. Did you?


There was also an option to give some HBD for the organization of this event. I chose to participate with a very small amount but it is better than nothing I guess.

Subscribe to the event here

See ya there !


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