Have You Met Fina Voxom? A Great Combo With Eternan Brune

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It is becoming obvious to those that watch my daily shared battles that I am having fun with the soulbound summoners cards, so far it has mostly been LOBB LOWLAND simply because I have it a level 3 which enables me to utilize my cards to their high-level capability.

Another one of the summoners I like is ETERNAN BRUNE a Fire summoner with -2 Armor and the ability to use a Gladiator card. And when we talk gladiator cards, we are talking deadly monsters with the Bloodlust ability. This brings me to FINA VOXOM, have you met her on the battlefield?


Have a close look at this card, be careful it can make you salivate!

FINA VOXOM is a beast when she gets going, I have never seen her on the battlefield in Brawls, so I was fortunate to receive it from a Gladius Case recently and she has been an amazing force to my Fire Gladiator deck.

VOXOM has a constant speed of 4 and 7 health at all levels but wait until she takes down enemy monsters. With the Opportunity ability at level 1, she easily takes down the weakest. The Piercing ability comes in at level 2 and Stun at level 3 with Redemption at max level. Redemption at max level is that fair when she is so quick at eliminating enemy monsters? Be the judge.

There are currently 2533 copies in circulation, there isn't much of it out there so good luck getting a copy if you don't have one because all I can tell you is you need a FINA VOXOM in your deck.


Fina has proven herself against anyone who has ever challenged her. She does not use magic, but she is a wizard with the siow that she carries everywhere with her. The siow is an incredibly long, thin blade whose mastery can take years. An effective siow warrior can engage ten men at once in combat; Fina can handle more than twenty. She will now prove her worth and the worth of her clan to everyone at Mount Mox by battling as a professional Gladiator.

And fina have been handling a lot more enemies with the help of summoner Brune's -2 Armor. There's a lot she Fina has to offer on the battlefield as I long for a level 3 and even 4 Eternan Brune but until then enjoy the battles.

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