LeoGlossary: Summoner's Spellbook

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SplinterGlossary: Summoner's Spellbook

The Summoner's Spellbook gives access to the entire Splinterlands gameplay, game economy, and unlocks rewards.

The Spellbook costs $10 USD and offers these advantages: unlocks the ability of the player to buy and sell Splinterlands assets in-game (buy: packs, cards, land, SPS node validator licenses, etc.; sell: cards, packs, etc.) note: this ability always exists on secondary markets, for players and non-players of the game gives a 3000 credits balance (equivalent to $3 USD) for the player to buy a few cheap cards or rent cards from the market adds reward tokens for winning battles adds daily focus mission rewards and season rewards unlocks tournaments for a player not already having a Hive account, it creates one among many other benefits of having a Hive account, for the game, it means one can move assets from the game to secondary markets and back or use the rental market

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