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The LeoGlossary project keeps expanding. Over the past 5 months, most information was added to the database. This is something that is crucial for everyone who is holding LEO.

One of the purposes of LeoGlossary is to create internal links for Leofinance. This is something that is often overlooked. We are told that the upcoming UI update is going to incorporate LeoGlossary into it.

In this article, we will discuss how important this is and compare it to the granddaddy of them all: Wikipedia.

Thousands Of Links Needed

This is a topic few consider. Most understand how external links are important. Yet, few take the time to ponder what it looks like to link internally. This is something that can tie pages to a website together. More importantly, it can do this on scale.

Here we see the value of something such as LeoGlossary. It is ideally suited to have links within it while also providing the capability to add to articles. Again, we see the model for success with Wikipedia.

To constrast where we are at, we will use a simple example. It shows the magniude of what Wikipedia built.

Also, bear in mind, this is using a simple link counting tool. This is not the most indepth use of SEO tools. A lot of that is only accessible to the site owner.

Nevertheless, we can get a framework of what we are dealing with.

Let us start with a simple Wikipedia Page: Alan Alda.


When we ran it through the counter, this is what it comes up with:


Notice the numbers. We have more than 1800 internal links on this one page only. If you scroll through the page, we see how this is the case. Not only are words linked throughout the article, we can easily see how there is are many contained in the structure of the page.

On the left hand side there is a essentially a WEikipedia table of contents. This is on every page, linking back to those pages. Then we have this at the bottom of the page.


This is the value of lists. Notice how we can click on them, all somehow related to Alan Alda.

Basically, from these simple examples, we can see how Wikipedia is ranking so high. This is one page with thousands of internal links. The search engine bots are bouncing around forever on this site.

Why All Need To Use LeoGlossary For Links

The idea of building a massive amount of internal links requires a lot of pages. Fortunately, on Leofinance, we have a fair number showing up each day. We have hundreds of posts that can easily have a few links in them. The Main Menu of LeoGlossary is rather easy to navigate.

We also set up a few glossaries that cover many of the posts on Leofinance:

SplinterGlossary Hive Glossary Leofinance Glossary

Going back to the link counter, here is the one for the What is Hive page:


That is a big difference. We are dealing with 1,800 compared to 149. With LeoGlossary, this is one of the better linked pages. Most do not have near this many.

Here is where the community enters the picture. Due to the number of pages presently build along with the focus of the glossary, we are going to be at a disadvantage compared to Wikipedia. However, this can be offset by the number of pages that we add with links to them.

Unfortunately, the tools available would not allow for the testing of internal backlinks. Here is where we all can make a difference. Each time we add a link from Leoglossary to our articles, we create an internal backlink. Daily, there are hundreds of posts, many of which cover the same topic. With thousands of backlinks going to a specific page, over time, that will start to rank in Google.

For example, how many times do we type these words on a regular basis on Leofinance?

cryptocurrency blockchain money investment gold bitcoin wallet price market Web 3.0 Decentralization

These were just off the top of my head yet notice that all of them have links. There are over 2,000 words in LeoGlossary at this point. We have more than 300 Splinterland terms alone.

To put it another way, I bet over the past few months we had over 1,000 articles on Leofinance that mentioned either FTX and Elon Musk.

Imagine if each of those articles had a link back to the LeoGlossary page. We are now dealing with over 1,000 internal links to the pages.

Is this the end all and be all? No.

It is, however, a way to get our pages ranking better. Those who have external blogs should also look at using the links there. This will add more value to each of the pages.

Does this take time? Yes it does. That said, it is up to each of us to do our part to make Leofinance thrive. Bear in mind that each link is to a Leofinance URL. Even though it can show up under different front ends, the direct links are designed as Leofinance.io.

Internal links are just one aspect. Backlinks are another crucial piece. If we can get our articles containing 20-40 links each, we can then get the number of backlinks growing.

LeoGlossary is committed to keep expanding and adding more to it. With each new page, the size of the database grows. To really aid in this effort, we need those who are committed to Leofinance to keep adding links to their articles.

This will keep the number of internal backlinks growing, combining with the internal links from each page of the glossary. Over time, we can then work on external links.

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