Shitcoin Bonanza #8 - Why pay high gas fees when you can get paid for your own gas?

15 days ago
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Welcome to shitcoin bonanza, a series where we explore some of the most silly, stupid, ridiculous and hilarious shitcoins to have ever existed. Some are dead. Some are still alive. But they all are shitty!

A lot of people talk about creating innovative technology but they just never have enough gas in the tank to push through. But that's no longer the issue. Fart Coin is here to save the day!


In 2017, the loudest fart of all came into the world and everyone felt but most importantly, smelled the shock wave.

The fart distribution model has all the gas you need and passes it like never before.

Unlike Ethereum where you have to pay high gas fees, with the Fart model, your fart pays you. Simple as that!

The Fart Coin runs on Waves blockchain, which is quite convenient since it travels through air at lightning speed.

FART is a groundbreaking way to monetize the gas that comes out of your asshole.

PoFDM - Proof-of-Fart Distribution Mechanism

FART runs on the WAVES blockchain, but also incorporates the revolutionary new, Proof-of-Fart Distribution Mechanism™, or PoFDM, allowing for smoother economical flow that is more egalitarian and meritocratic than traditional crypto-currency.

In the past, there was an Airdrop for any loser who decides to send a sound clip or video of themselves or pets farting. Unfortunately, this life changing opportunity is no more :(

FART bounties will be awarded to people who post a link here of an upload of a video and/or soundcloud of them farting and saying "Waves Exchange FART coin WINNING", either immediately after the gas is passed, or directly before.

Crypto space is the only place you can get rich from your farts and that's my friends the real power of the blockchain!

Learn more about Fart Coin at ->

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