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One of the rulesets that I find myself doing great at recently is the Going The Distance ruleset, when combined with one or two other rulesets, there's a high chance I will and for the ones I loss, they are not an easy victory for my opponent.

I like to utilize the Heal ability of CORNEALUS using it as a Tank while also reduce the opponent's Range attack with the Headwinds ability. It is fun to watch as the Range monsters take on each other.


When looking for a Speed packed monster SOULSTORM is one of them with a constant speed of 5 across all levels. I recall buying it when it was launched during the Untamed era due to the Flight ability it has.

SOULSTORM gains the Snare ability from level 2 and Headwinds at level 4. The Health of this card might put you off but make no mistake it is a useful card in the game.

With just about $3 you can get yourself a copy of the Regular Foil and Gold Foil will cost you between $60 to $1900.


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