How to make money blogging on Hive

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How to make money blogging on Hive.

*Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Your guide to making money as a blogger on Hive, starting with your introductory first post.

Have you just signed up for a Hive account and want to know how to make money blogging on Hive?

If the answer is yes, then you, my friend, have come to the right place.

Hive, and my personal favourite Web3 blogging front-end called LeoFinance, is the best place to immediately monetise your blogging.



Forget everything you know about the old Web2 model of having your data controlled and sold by tech companies to pay you.

Hive uses the power of a truly decentralised Web3 environment to hand control of not only your account data, but the entire platform, over to you.

That’s right, you’re in full control now.

Retro 80s style logo for the blogging platform you can make money on, called Hive.

How to make money blogging on Hive from day 1

Part 1 of this guide starts by introducing where the money comes from (spoiler alert, it’s not coming from someone else's account!) and then how to immediately get noticed by those in the community who matter most.

Lets dive right in.

Where do the HIVE rewards come from?

When you receive an upvote on your content, you need to understand that voter isn’t actually tipping you from their own account balance.

The money that you’re earning on your blog is actually coming from what’s called the Hive rewards pool.

What is the reward pool you ask?

Well essentially it’s how the Hive blockchain distributes its freshly minted HIVE tokens at a hard-coded inflation rate and those with HIVE tokens staked get a say in how this rewards pool is distributed on a daily basis.

The more HIVE someone has staked, the bigger their say on the daily rewards pool distribution.

Basically, they’re not tipping you money from their own account balance, but as stakeholders in the platform, they are able to distribute the daily inflation via their upvote.

Now, while from your perspective the reward may be nothing more than a great way to make money blogging (oh and it is!), it actually serves a much greater purpose at the same time.

The Hive rewards pool is an extremely effective and unique way for the HIVE cryptocurrency to be distributed far and wide.

It’s this high token distribution that ensures blockchain governance remains decentralised and ultimately secures the censorship-resistant properties of your Web3 Hive account.

Literally anyone, no matter where they are in the world, can start making money as a blogger immediately from Hive’s reward pool.

Create content that adds value and receive your portion of the daily reward pool as decided by those with a current stake in the platform.

The system is genius really.

So now you understand where the HIVE rewards come from, let’s move forward and take a look at how to get noticed by those in the community who matter most.

Yep, those with the largest stake.

How do you get noticed on Hive from day 1?

Now that little Hive explainer is out of the way, we come to the juicy part of how to actually get noticed on Hive from day 1.

The key to making money as a blogger on Hive is to get noticed by accounts with stake and thus with the biggest say on how rewards are distributed.

Yep, getting noticed by the rich guys.

Sure that may sound cringe, but that’s the nature of the Web3 blogging game here on Hive.

Just remember that as stakeholders, they have a monetary interest in curating good content and encouraging you to stake your rewards to secure the blockchain.

They want to find people just like you.

So with that in mind, the absolute first thing you must do is to create your first post under the introduceyourself tag.

The introduceyourself tag is extremely powerful…

…but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility.

You only get one shot at this tag, so make it count!

Most n00bs on Hive introduce themselves with a story about their boring life or how much more than everyone else they need the money.



If you want to get noticed and actually start making money blogging on Hive from day 1 then you need to show those with stake that you’re different.

That you aren’t just here to leech the reward pool with low value content that nobody really gives a shit about.

But instead, that you’re here to add value to the community via quality content and ultimately contribute to the blockchain’s security by staking a portion of your rewards just like them.

This is the key to making money on Hive!

In this first post, I’d encourage you to introduce not only yourself (or personal brand), but also to introduce a plan for your blog.

Let the community know you understand the reward pool system and that you plan to post a daily blog in your chosen niche that they should follow.

But most of all let them know that you’re not like everyone else.

That you’re here to stake half of your rewards and actually invest in the platform that will be paying you to blog.

If you can start your Hive blogging journey in this manner, then you WILL get noticed from day 1 and start making money as a blogger immediately.

Best of probabilities to you.

PS. Part 2 of this guide to making money blogging on Hive goes over how to use a daily commenting strategy* to engage with those in the community with stake.

Stay tuned by hitting the follow button and if you’re new to the Web3 blogging game on Hive, certainly don’t be afraid to reach out in the comments section.

There’s always someone here on LeoFinance who is happy to answer any questions you may have.

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