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It's incredible how much catching up you have to do after only 2 days of being almost completely absorbed by a different activity! I spent most of the day listening to or reading what was already 2-3 days' content for the most part. I admit in some cases I just skimmed through it, or I'd never reach the bottom of the pile.

Today was supposed to be the day to update you on Splinterglossary progress. But guess what else I didn't get around to adding to this week either? Yep, SplinterGlossary.

I hope I'll make up for it, especially in the first part of next week, before I receive the new laptop because, after that, it'll be difficult for a while. :)

But SplinterGlossary needs constant maintenance and updates because Splinterlands is a vivid ecosystem that keeps evolving. Left too long unattended, SplinterGlossary will be difficult to bring up to date without major changes.

That being said, while I haven't updated SplinterGlossary this week, there are some things that I'll either need to take a look at or update for sure because of imminent changes coming on Splinterlands at the end of the season.

Speaking of these changes, they are described in detail in this post, if you haven't seen them.

They refer to the new *soulbound[needs definition] reward cards that will come out next season to replace existing transferable reward cards.

I'll make a bullet-point list of the main points of the post. Maybe it will help you if you don't want to read the entire post from the Splinterlands team. It will also help me when I'll write about the changes for SplinterGlossary.

There we go (I use a lot of copy-paste from the original post below): 43 new soulbound Chaos Legion reward cards will replace the existing reward cards at the end of the season 37 Monster cards 6 Summoner cards (one from each element except Neutral) 12 Legendary cards (two from each basic element, one Dragon, and one Neutral) 7 Epic cards (one from each element) 12 Rare cards (two from each basic element, one Dragon, and one Neutral) 12 Common cards (two from each basic element and two Neutral) the new reward cards cannot be transferred, rented/delegated, burned, or sold (that's the definition of soulbound!) until they go out of print the new soulbound reward cards are currently planned to be released on Tuesday, January 31st, 2023, in the normal maintenance window which will be shortly after the end of the current ranked play season As soon as the new reward cards are released they will replace the old reward cards in new loot chests. This means that the old reward cards will stop being minted, even though many of them are still well under their initially planned print limit. only chests earned after the new reward cards are added will contain the new ones; season reward chests earned from the current season and earlier will still contain the old reward cards players will be able to use Legendary and Alchemy potions again for reward cards; additionally, legendary potions will double the chances of receiving epic reward cards, besides legendary reward cards, for loot chests (but not for packs!) a single loot chest may now contain multiple of the same reward card; higher tier loot chests will not only have higher chances of getting higher rarity and gold foil cards, but they will now also have higher chances of getting more copies of each card in each chest. potions will only be used on loot chests that contain cards, not for other types of rewards, and only one for every chest, regardless of how many cards each chest contains the determination of rarity and foil for reward cards received from loot chests will happen before the quantity of the card in the chest is determined. This means that in the higher chest tiers, a single Legendary or Alchemy potion charge may lead to multiple of the same Epic, Legendary, and/or Gold Foil card in a single chest. after a set of soulbound reward cards stops being available in the loot chests (estimated 1-2 years for the current one), they can be unbound[definition needed] by "infusing" them with DEC. New Conscript[definition needed] ability for summoners - allows adding an additional gladiator to your lineup; that means 2 gladiators in Brawls and 1 gladiator where they weren't allowed before (Ranked Battles, Tournaments) Conscript ruleset is also planned New Martyr[definition needed] ability - when a monster with this ability dies, it gives adjacent characters +1 to all stats. It works again after being resurrected. Changes to Bloodlust that affect Martyr as well: Bloodlust is removed by Dispel going forward Bloodlust will always give +1 Speed, even in Reverse Speed ruleset New Weapons Training[definition needed] ability - "trains" any adjacent characters with no attack, thereby giving them an attack of the same type as the character with the Weapons Training ability. The amount of attack that the Weapons Training ability gives to adjacent, no-attack characters, is still TBD. If two characters with the Weapons Training ability and different attack types are on either side of a character with no attack, then that character will gain BOTH attacks. If the characters with Weapons Training on either side of a character with no attack have the same attack type, then that character will gain the higher of the two attacks. If a character with Weapons Training dies, then any adjacent characters with no attack will lose the Weapons Training effect and will no longer be able to attack, and similarly if a character with Weapons Training becomes adjacent to a character with no attack at any point in the course of the battle the Weapons Training effect will be applied at that time. Characters with no base attack that are affected by the Weapons Training buff will also be affected by other effects that modify attacks such as Inspire, Headwinds, Summoner effects, etc, but they will still be considered as having no attack when it comes to being affected by the Oppress ability, which will still do double damage to them. Oppress will still affect no-attack characters after they gain an attack through Weapons Training. Dispel removes Weapons Training, Martyr or Bloodlust effects

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