LeoGlossary: List of Token Names on Hive-Engine for Splinterlands Digital Assets

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SplinterGlossary: List of Token Names on Hive-Engine for Splinterlands Digital Assets

Splinterlands has three types of digital assets.

The most common one and the core of the game is represented by the cards, which are NFTs tradable in-game and on secondary markets.

Then, there are the fungible tokens, which are DEC, SPS and VOUCHER. Besides them, there is the SPT token used as a blogging reward token on the SplinterTalk interface, which was initially created by the team behind Splinterlands. All these tokens can be found on Hive-Engine with the names listed in this paragraph.

Everything else is considered a non-card digital asset by Splinterlands and will be subject to the non-card market that is being developed by the team. When it will be released, all non-card digital assets from Splinterlands will be tradable on that market.

But right now, (some of) the non-card digital assets from the game can be traded in their tokenized form on Hive-Engine.

Here is their complete list (needs updating when more digital assets get supported):

Booster Packs

Token Name on Hive-EngineBooster Pack
ALPHAAlpha Edition
BETABeta Edition
ORBEssence Orb Mini-Edition
UNTAMEDUntamed Edition
SLDICEΛZMΛRÉ Dice Mini-Edition
CHAOSChaos Legion Edition
RIFTRiftwatchers Mini-Edition


Token Name on Hive-EngineLand Claim Digital Asset
PLOTLand Plot

Totems (related to Land)

Token Name on Hive-EngineTotem Digital Asset
TOTEMCCommon Totem
TOTEMRRare Totem
TOTEMEEpic Totem
TOTEMLLegendary Totem


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